Подготовка к ЕГЭ по информатике

Продолжительность: 1 год. 1 раз в неделю (сен.-май)

  • Курс рассчитан на 1 год обучения.
  • Каждый модуль курса рассчитан на полугодие, 12 занятий по два урока в неделю (1,5 астрономических часа).
  • Курс рекомендован учащимся 11-го класса, собирающимся поступать в профильные вузы.

На курсе:

Вы сможете повторить все темы школьной программы, которые включены в перечень ЕГЭ:

  • Системы счисления
  • Информация, информационные процессы, кодирование
  • Моделирование информационных процессов
  • Алгебра логики – построение логических выражений
  • Алгоритмы и программирование
  • Файловая система
  • Электронные таблицы и Базы данных
  • Компьютерные сети и Интернет и др.

Разберете все основные типы задач ЕГЭ, выявите особенности и составите алгоритм их решения – самые сложные задачи покажутся вам вполне решаемыми!

Решите большое количество задач ЕГЭ – наработаете практику.

У вас будет возможность пройти пробный ЕГЭ на настоящих бланках – вы попробуете силы и сможете оценить свои возможности!

Все задания пробного ЕГЭ будут разобраны – вы сможете понять, какие задания даются вам легко, а над чем еще придется потрудиться!

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  1. I guess I’ll jump in and ask a question as well… Where are you seeing the 16GB phone at W300,000? The olleh site still shows initial pricing (W684,000). I’m really not all that pleased by their monthly payment plans, either. The cheapest plan I’m seeing for LTE Warp is about W61,000 per month (again, taken from the olleh website). I’m all for getting a new phone, but there is NO WAY I’m paying that much money per month for a basic, basic plan… Should I go into the local Olleh Plaza to see if they have different innoimatrof?

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  3. I am 36 and I learnt swimming about 12 weeks back……..I underwent an adult course where there just 2 of us adults..classes 4-9 were the most difficult as i started regressing a bit..but by 11 I was able to do 5 laps (with stops at the end) and I went for a 2 week break when I was back I did 3 laps in a row and did 20..my class stopped after that.by the time I was swimming for the 18th time..I was swimming about 50 laps..which I do now..there is an initial mental block when u start late.do it

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  5. I like a lot of these options, I do think that people that live on the streets in question should have a say in how they are developed. Yes, people that commute through the area should have a voice too but I’m not sure if it is the same as those who live on foster.

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  10. más de 2 años+4 dijo:Acá en Uruguay hay un plan llamado "Ceibal"que se trata de regalarle computadoras portátiles a los niños de escuela, ahora se extendio hasta los chicos de secundaria..Esas computadoras llamadas XO vienen operadas por Ubuntu =)Los niños aprenden conjunto a la cultura de software libre!gracias por tu comentario, aporta oro al post

  11. sul sito del gruppo Nolita c’è scritto che la campagna è supportata dl Ministero della Salute…quindi cè stato un contributo statale se ho ben capito.Quindi un marchio che sul proprio sito ha immagini di modelle anoressiche ,ha preso dei soldi dallo Stato per diffondere questa comunicazione sociale e pagare le proprie modelle anoressiche…Complimenti alla coerenza !PS il pensiero è un po’ contorto,scusate.ma queste cose mi mandano in bestia.

  12. 1,000 words–that’s awesome!! I’m so glad that system is working for you, and I’m trying it next week. Like you, I’ve learned to research at a different time than my writing time. Even if I had to look up something that would be quick, like a specific year that ‘x’ occurred, I’d notice my email icon indicating that I had 11 messages and so I’d have to check. 30 minutes later, I’d find myself making random comments on my friends’ Facebook updates! So yeah, no internet while I write.

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  15. Cierto, que de aquí ya sabes que sólo salieron mitos de la historia, así que como para sacar polvos con xulazos… Ains! Que voy a tener que emigrar hacia los paraisos sexuales (vamos, cualquier ciudad un poco más grande) o sacar a hostias a los xulazos armarizados (que da más pereza aún, así que no es una alternativa)

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  18. Walt G., my comment that you quoted was meant to be sarcastic. If you inform someone every time there is something wrong, they don't need to watch for problems themselves. They will rely on you to check for them. I made the same point about restaurant owners being checked by health inspectors.So, based on your comments, I can assume that miners really do assume responsibility for the risks of their working condition by continuing to go to the job each day.

  19. Thanks for this post. As a new mom, when my maternity leave ended, the first word used I to describe my feelings of going back to work was longing. I longed to be next to my little guy playing peekaboo…and even changing his diapers. I constantly need to remind myself that I can’t do it all,but I can do the best I know how. Love your blog! Totally a go to resource for a new momma like myself.

  20. Can anyone offer any thoughts on the likely future role of the EPO Boards of Appeal?It seems quite curious that the boards, after having exercised an important unifying influence over the past thirty years or so, don't now seem to get any mention whatsoever (not even a negative one).There might be no call for change as far as appeals against refusals of applications are concerned, but what about (post-grant!) oppositions?

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